Burgsmüller – thread cutting specialists and inventors of whirling technology

Founded in 1876, Burgsmüller has been your point of contact for wear protection since that date. Burgsmüller is a specialist when it comes to professional thread cutting technology, contract work in the field of conventional metal machining and manufacturing entire machine tools. As inventors of whirling machines, we can offer you the required expertise to find the right solution for you. Today we're on hand worldwide and can offer you high-quality machinery, as well as excellent services such as wear measurements.

Burgsmüller – thread cutting specialists and inventors of whirling technology

Our business activities are subdivided into the following segments:

  • Whirling inside and outside contours of cylindrical parts
  • Contract work in the field of conventional metal working
  • Manufacture of screw segments
  • Manufacture of spare parts for the plastics processing industry
  • Manufacture and delivery of whirling machines and attachments

In our capacity as an experienced manufacturer of threaded spindles, threaded nuts, feeding screws, conveying screws and special threads, we offer these elements also within the frame of conventional contract work. Just contact us to discuss and define the conditions for a potential cooperation. Short manufacturing times are guaranteed!

Screw elements for twin-screw extruders, supporting shafts, barrels or housings

One of the areas we focus on is screw elements. If screw elements or barrels are worn, we're the right company to contact. More than 250,000 spare parts for twin-screw extruders prove the high quality of our work.

Mechanical engineering: eccentric screws for progressive cavity pumps, whirling machines and much more...

We also provide excellent results to our mechanical engineering customers. As inventors of whirling technology we're a highly qualified point of contact in this respect. We can make the right machine for your helical parts so that you can manufacture first-class eccentric screws for your progressive cavity pumps.