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Reorientation - capacity increase for screw elements and threaded spindles

Thank you for your interest in our products and for contacting us.

In the past few years, Burgsmüller has increasingly become a metal processing specialist for screw elements for twin screw extruders and thread production. Every year, more than 40,000 elements for the extrusion industry as well as shafts and barrels are manufactured in our in-house metalworking centres. Burgsmüller plans to significantly increase the capacities with a new location in the next few years. As a further step, the management has decided to transfer personnel capacities from the whirling machine division to the screw element production division and to discontinue the sale of whirling machines. The supply of tools, spare parts for whirling machines and units as well as their service, repairs, maintenance and technical advice will remain the competence and service of our competent staff.

We thank you for the trust and the cooperation of the last years.

Burgsmüller – thread cutting specialists and inventors of whirling technology

Founded in 1876, Burgsmüller has since then been an expert in the field of professional thread technology and the manufacture of wear parts in plastics processing. We offer you the necessary know-how to find the individually suitable solution for you. Today we are there for you worldwide and offer you excellent services as well as components from the threaded spindle to the threaded nut.

Do you need new extruder screws? One of the main focuses of our diverse activities is in the field of screw elements. If you have damaged elements and housings, you have found the right partner. More than 250,000 delivered spare parts for twin screw extruders speak for the high quality of our work!

Burgsmüller – thread cutting specialists and inventors of whirling technology

Spare parts for extrusion: Here you will find what you are looking for!

Every year, more than 40,000 screw elements for the extrusion industry as well as shafts and cylinders are manufactured in the company's own metalworking centres. Burgsmüller not only supplies the parent company, but also many other OEM's and end users in the plastics, pharmaceutical and food industries with spare parts for more than 180 different twin screw extruders from at least 30 manufacturers.

Spare parts for extrusion:

  • Screw elements in a wide variety of geometries (manufacturer-independent)
  • Housing and liner in various materials
  • shafts in a wide range of strength classes
  • Additional accessories such as dosing screws, degassing inserts, discharge tools, etc.

Contract manufacturing: Whether dosing screw or cross grooved shaft - we manufacture (almost) everything!

We will be pleased to manufacture a large number of different special threads for you using the whirling process. We are able to manufacture a wide range of fabrications. No matter whether you need a screw conveyor, a dosing screw, a cross groove shaft or a DIN513 saw thread - we will be pleased to work for you.

As an experienced manufacturer of components such as threaded spindles, threaded nuts, trapezoidal threaded spindles and special threads, we are also happy to offer you these elements as part of classic contract manufacturing. Our many years of experience and structured production processes guarantee you short production times.

Contract manufacturing:

  • Production of helical geometries on cylindrical workpieces
  • Spindles and nuts with metric, trapezoidal, saw or special threads