NEWS: Burgsmüller whirling machines

Realignment - capacity increase for screw elements and threaded spindles

In recent years, Burgsmüller has increasingly developed into a metal processing specialist for screw elements for twin-screw extruders and thread production. Every year, more than 40,000 elements for the extrusion industry as well as shafts and barrels are manufactured in the company's own metalworking centers. Burgsmüller is planning to significantly increase capacity with a new site in the coming years. As a further measure, the management has decided to transfer personnel capacities from the whirling machine division to the screw element production division and to discontinue the sale of whirling machines. The supply of tools, spare parts for whirling machines and aggregates as well as their service, repairs, maintenance and technical advice will remain the competence and service of our expert employees.

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