Quality & Certificates

Since a few years we have implemented a quality management system which has been confirmed for the first time on 28.01.2004 by BVQi. The engineer's standards of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000-12 are used for

  • Development, production and sales of whirling machines and - units.
  • Fabrication of helix parts by the production processes of whirling, milling and turning.
  • Production and sales of spares for the plastic converting machines.

Our quality management system is been confirmed by regular certification audits.

With continues improvement of our products, processes and structures a permanent level is been generated for:

  • a successful partnership with our customers
  • a cooperative relation with our suppliers
  • the security of employment on a long-term base
  • improvement of enviroment protection
  • an innvovativ, competitive and financial healthy company