Burgsmüller-whirling technology offers you with various advantages. Get an idea about all advantages and opportunities:

  • over 60 years experiance of whriling technology for inner or outor contours
  • production of symmetric and asymmetric curve - and rotationarea
  • surface quality is in grinding quality
  • economical fabrication by minimal production time and considerable material savings
  • whirling is applicable for different kind of material and sizes of threads especially for small quanteties
  • Spindle with trapezoid-, metric-, buttress- or non standard thread of Ø 16 - 300 mm and up to a length of 7000 mm
  • Nuts with trapezoid-, metric-, buttress - or non standard thread of Ø 16 - 600 mm uand up to a length of 1500 mm
  • conveyer- and dosing screws, cross slot shaft, srew elements