Threaded spindle

A whirled precision thread spindle offers a much higher acuracy than a rolled spindle, whereas a acuracy of inclination of 0,03 mm on 300 mm can be achieved (depends on the material).

Advantages of whirling:

  • high precision
  • the should surface is close to grinding quality
  • proces is very flexible for different materials and thread sizes, especially at smaler quantities

A thread spindle can be machined out of a numerousness of material (some examples):

  • C45 (1.0503)
  • 42CroMoS4V (1.7227)
  • X12CrNiS18 8 (1.4305)
  • X10CrNiMoTi18 10 (1.4571)
  • Sonderwerkstoffe (Inconel625)

On request we machine also other materials, sprecial threads or multithread.

You can receive from us all trapezoid thread at "ready for installation" inclusive all lathing, milling or drilling processes.