Good news from Burgsmüller for all engine manufacturer in the mid- or bigsize range.
The whirling machine, equiped with a 100 KW power engine, 9 axis and a distance between centers of 5.000 mm, can machine crankshafts with a workpiece length of 4.500 mm and a surrounding diameter of 520 mm.

With our powerful whirling machine type KWM 700 – 5000 the rough machining time can be effected strongly. In comparison to the milling process the time can be even cut down by 80%.

By using the Burgsmüller machine just both shaft extension must be prepared machined. A patent registered steady system is compensating the workpiece bending automatically. The three steady pinons are grabbing directly on the forged surface. This saves time and reduce further production steps.

The crankshaft whriling machine is faced the differnt "challanges" of tolerances in all product sections during the premachining with a very high chip removal of the forged and instable workpiece. (surface quality of 12,5 μm, concentricity of 2,5 mm and tolerances according to DIN 7168-m ).

A big advantag of this machine is machining time within a tight range of tolerance as well as the low time and effort for handling and rigging.

In case our basic technical data and workpiece dimensions does not match with your requirements, please contact us and we try to find taylormade solution for you.