Wear measurement extrusion

  • Contactless capacitive measurement of bore diameters
  • No need to disassemble the processing section
  • Spare parts with long lead times can be procured ahead of need
  • Early wear detection in the melting zone helps to avoid gear unit damage

A proven approach

The first wear measurement for tool life check is generally performed after six months of operation with subsequent measurements taking place once per year.

The actual wear status of the equipment can thus be determined and appropriate measures can be taken, if required, to avoid machine downtimes, quality deterioration or output rate reduction.

Wear measurement process

The wear measurement on the cleaned processing section at ambient temperature is performed by our qualified personnel.
The measuring report handed over to the customer comprises the measuring results, photos and recommendations as to the replacement of worn parts. These recommendations are based on the specifications of the components manufacturers, but also consider factors such as actual process tasks, line limits and process parameters.

Depending on the screw diameter, state-of-the-art contactless metrology solutions or conventional three-point micrometre measuring instruments are used for measuring the barrel. Upon request, these measurements can be complemented by endoscopic video images.

left side
right side