• 3.5D, 4D, 6D and intermediate plates for the entire extruder range - from
  • laboratory-size to production-scale extruders
  • Materials of different type (see wear protection)
  • Solid design, in nitriding steel, with liner, with PM or special coating
  • Customized solutions are also possible
  • Round and rectangular shapes

Burgsmüller's product portfolio also includes degassing inserts for different material viscosities.

Closed housings:

  • Plasticizing zone
  • Mixing zone
  • Pressure build-up zone
  • With injection or measuring bores

Open housings:

  • Feed zone as standard 4D section or of 6D for applications with restrictions in terms of volume
  • Degassing zone as standard 4D section or in 6D for high degassing efficiencyn
  • Side degassing sections

Combined housings:

  • Lateral incorporation of fillers and reinforcing agents
  • Back venting for safe material feeding