During the last 60 years Burgsmüller has generated within the field of whirling and milling technology many solutions for inner or outer machining. Enclosed an overview:

  • external whirling for workpieces from 10 to 1000 mm
  • whriling machines with a distance between center up to 12 m or "unlimited" length with the setting back procedure. absorbability of vibration with steadysystem for a workpiece diameter of 20 to 250mm
  • internal whriling, milling or by stroke for workpieces with ID from 25 up to 600 mm
  • compact milling units with engine power up to73 kW and a dept of immerson up to 374 mm
  • high performance whirling units for a big chip volume with engine power of 100 kW
  • high speed unit for high cutting speed with a revolution up to 7.000 rpm
  • chip remogin tools in the range of the simple soldered toolup to the complex insert tool system.