Worm Shafts

In all different kind of gears worm shafts will be used. We have the correct whirling machine for machining these workpieces, because the machine in correspondance with the tool system can realise a finish machining of all kind of worm shafts with concave and convex flanks contour. Additionally worm shafts with one or two starts inclusive progressive inclination can be machined.
The whriling machine can be equipted with hydraulic components as tail stock or collet chuck. An additional W-axis for positioning of the tail stock slide rounds up the Burgsmüller product range.
There is nothing in the way for an automatic process and the link to a robot for an automatic loading and unloading. Direct measurement system at various axis are supporting the precision of the machine.

Our specialists are relying upon environment-friendly dry chipping method, which works without any coolant lubricant. Equiped with the minimum lubrication system (MMS), complete with all necessary controll and adjust units, a fine fog is been sprayed on the cutter and workpiece, which gives best service life.
The whriling unit can be equipped with an automatic A-axis. The positioning of inclination angle via servo drive happens by the control system.

For the big number of different workpieces Burgsmüller has developed its own software to calculate the different adjustments on the tool profiles. We are focusing on the optimised scoupe and numbers of tools.

A big plus is the flexibility with the different toolrings for the various workpiece diameters. A tool change can be done in very short time